Thursday, January 6, 2011


Okay not a food post but a food related post. I received a Williams-Sonoma gift card for Christmas. After hours of scouring the website I carefully decided what I wanted much to the grumblings of Mr. Lawyer who stated I should just spend it on one big thing. But we don't need any one big ticket item and it's much more fun to get the most bang for your buck (that's just the way I roll). Besides, even with the gift card any Le Creuset or All-Clad item was still a bazillion dollars out of my budget. However, the Philly store didn't have all of my desired items of awesomeness and I had to order some online. TODAY THE HUGE BOX OF GOODIES CAME!! EEEEEEEEE!!
I am madly in love with my Artisan Bread Plank (J.K. Adams of Vermont, hand-sanded maple) and Slate Cheese Board (Brooklyn Slate of New York, quarried in upstate!)! I feel a wine and cheese party coming on. More coolness: The cheese board comes with a piece of soapstone so you can write the names of the cheese on it, squeeeee!!
Also incredibly awesome my Outer Space Pancake Molds (Because the lawyer insisted I get some frivolous and silly) which is accompanied by the Pancake Pen! This should be useful because I always make a disastrous mess when filling the waffle iron. We will be testing both of these items with a Saturday Brunch.
In the baking department there is a monstrous traditional maple rolling pin which will be the first thing I grab to fend off any would be robbers and a 5 piece set of biscuit cutters (now I don't have to use my drinking glasses, hooray!). And lastly my clearance steal, 100 blue swirl baking cups for a buck! Steal!

I lied. This is what I had for dinner:
Left Over Gyro Salad
Mr. Lawyer and I had lunch at the Gyro place at Reading Terminal Market. I only ate half of mine so for dinner I chopped up the remainder and added some lettuce. It was pretty good. I find that lamb is a bit to rich for me so towards the end I picked around the meat.

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