Wednesday, July 4, 2012

June Round Up!

Behold my random orphan pictures from June!
It's always important to keep an eye on the freshness of your herbs and spices! The last time I made a spicy dish with cayenne pepper it wasn't that spicy and we were sad. So I picked up a new bottle for the ribs and man oh man could you taste (and see!!) the difference. The old bottle was something I had inherited from a former roommate so I'm sure it was ancient.
Sandwich Bar complete with Grandma's Pickles! The sad part is that's not even all the mustard in my fridge. I do love a good mustard.
The yummy Balsamic-Eggplant Crostini things that Jackie brought to our fancy drink party. Delicious.
There was a running bet for most of the school year about successfully graduating and getting one of my famous roast chickens. I'm proud to say I lost!

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